Shred the Podcast is produced by members of The Society for Heavy Recording Excellence (SHRE), musicians, engineers, and others related to the heavy music world. SHRE does not endorse this show, nor is SHRE affiliated with the show. The childish opinions and terrible, terrible advice offered by hosts and guests of the show do not reflect the opinions of SHRE.

Shred the Podcast features advice about producing heavy music, including heavy metal of all genres, punk rock and hard rock. Well, it’s supposed to be about music production, but alcohol and poor judgement usually derail episodes before they begin. If you are sensitive, this is not the show for you.

If you have a production related question, please feel free to send your question to dearshred @ You should expect nothing from our advice except disappointment. Please remember that we do not promote projects or people (including ourselves), so first names only in your letters, please.

Hosts and repeat guests of the show are strongly discouraged from promoting themselves, but are instead encouraged to promote others in the heavy music production industry. If you or your band, label, or studio are interested in being a guest or in having your work roasted on the show, please let us know at info @ Maybe we’ll feature you.

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